[MechReview] – Akko x Ducky Zero – The alpha 75% offspring of the 2 prime breeders.

The alpha 75% mechanical keyboards from the 2 prime far-east makers.

minimal on sights – detailed in design

Akko Ducky Zero, is, I believed to be designed by Akko and produced by Ducky. Akko is a Chinese brand and they like designing keyboards. The production line was overseen by the Ducky. The board was developed by 2 companies and it really showed, on the design, it is pretty to look at and the build quality is rock solid. This board is a 75% with a good mixture of functionalities crammed into a 60% board. It might be a tad bit larger than a 60% but it has retained all the functionalities of a TKL board. Not to say that 60% boards do not have the same functionalities but for the people who don’t like to have their nav clusters or the F keys buried under the second layers, you’ve come to the right place my fellow nerds. ✨✨

A first glance gives you the impression of “Premiumness” qualities about this keyboard. The keycaps are PBT front printed in “Miami” color scheme (and I believe that this color scheme varies) with a logo of Akko printed on the space. These caps won’t become shiny and the texture gives you nice feelings when you rest your fingertips on the caps. The right side of this keyboard is packed with all the nav clusters and text modifier, while this might look a bit too fit but are welcomed for its highlight of this board. The caps lock light is on the top right corner which is minimally placed, not to intrude with the overall minimalist design. When flipped over, the flip out legs has 2 height levels! Goodness, if this is not luxury then I don’t know what is. 🧐

The switches specifically used with this board is Cherry MX browns, a worldwide accepted mechanical keyboard switch as a standard for durability. From the basic usage standpoint this board type and feel solid to work with. The board doesn’t feel hollow and the stabs rattle at a somewhat acceptable level. However, I have some very little complaints about this board, which is very subjective and should prevent you from considering getting this board. The first reason is that it is going to be a bit difficult to find any replacement for keycaps as they line them in a bit unusual manners, (looking closely at the nav clusters). Secondly, this board has a little bit of learning curve, especially if you’re not good at locking your hands at the home row since you might overstep to the nav clusters. However, this can be easily mitigated by using this board over time.

nav clusters

Final verdict, the board functions beautifully and looks stunning to have on your desks. While I personally think that this board would even look even more awesome with some backlighting, it looks nice as it is already. While the price is at 3200 THB, I do not personally feel that this board is cheap nor expensive. I think it’s priced reasonably well with its offering. I personally do not like giving numeric points but 8.5 out of 3 half-eaten hot dogs, would legit get this board.

P.S Thanks to “Mechanic KB” who’s kind enough to loan us this board. If you my dudes and dudettes would like to get one, Mechanic KB is the dude you would wanna talk to. great guy 10/10 💖💖

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